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Interrotron Teleprompter Rental NYC – New York City Interatron Prompter Rentals

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Interrotron Teleprompter Rentals and Operators in New York


The film concept of Errol Morris the Interrotron has become a common tool in the modern Directors toolkit.  Its a two teleprompter setup where both talent and director can see each other and react to each other making the final product a much more personal and emotional experience .

Serving the New York City Area since 2001 we have worked with many celebrities including Sean John, Alec Baldwin, Spike Lee, Rosie Perez, Fred Thompson (Law and Order) and countless politicians, authors, executives and thought leaders.  Our expert staff and gear are always prompt and ready to shoot within about 30 minutes.

Interrotron is a 2 teleprompter setup which allows the talent to directly interact with the interviewer through an image over the A Camera.

$950 Full Day Interrotron Prompter ( Prompter, laptop, software, setup and breakdown)

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